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About Us

City Wall Builders, Inc., was incorporated in Los Angeles, California, in July 18, 2007. 


This foundation has brought City Wall to succeed in the construction industry. With top-notch partners and high-end clients in the industry, we have gained the experience and knowledge to provide quality services that are unique to each project. We want our customers to view City Wall not only as a drywall company; but as a genuine partner who is dedicated to helping them accomplish all of their project goals. 



Our vision is to be the preffered choice for drywall and metal framing in Los Angeles by consistently delivering quality projects and services. 



Our mission is to help build residential and commercial properties that have the highest quality standards in durability, comfort, and environmental-friendliness while utilizing the best building science principles.



1. Integrity

2. Efficiency

3. Accountability

4. Courtesy

5. Teamwork

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